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The Good Company People

We believe that having Good Company on everyone’s doorstep will help over 65's to enjoy more independent, fulfilling, lives for longer.


The Good Company People provides dementia-welcoming experiences, a concierge service to help carers supporting people living with dementia and a day service to help over 65's, many of whom are experiencing cognitive changes or living with dementia to maintain their physical and emotional well-being.


The Good Company People carefully match members who enjoy similar hobbies and interests to ensure that all enjoy Good Company. We are a not-for-profit providing services in Crowborough and surrounding villages and an accredited East Sussex Support With Confidence provider.


"Good Company days are the best days of my week! I have made some great friends and we all enjoy similar activities. The best part is that I have re-discovered my love of art"

Hazel, Good Company Guest


A personalised support plan

Our approach is guided by the latest research findings of what works best to support the wellbeing of people living with either mild cognitive impairment or dementia and anyone experiencing social isolation.  

Each Guest undergoes an assessment so we can fully understand their life story, hobbies, interests, mobility and if relevant, how their dementia affects them. 


We develop a personalised support plan for each guest and carefully match them with a Host and two other Guests.


Sessions are designed to help guests maintain their physical strength, mobility and cognitive functioning by doing activities they love in good company.

“In modern life we so often over complicate things but behind The Good Company People is a perfectly simple (and simply perfect) concept. That time spent with friendly people is good for us.

This is no wild claim; the scientific evidence fully supports it – chatting with friends, building strong supportive relationships, sharing interests and passions all deliver positive emotional, mental and physical health outcomes.”
Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford

-  Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford

Chair of Social Work England

Our Partners

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"The host is caring and attentive, providing lots of feedback. She makes sure that the activities are tailored for the Guests. The Good Company People are providing an invaluable service. The team is supportive, organised, caring and communicative. They fill a real gap in caring for the lonely and vulnerable. It has been wonderful for my mother to have Good Company."

- Jenny, daughter of a Good Company Guest
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