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A bit about us

Good Company, right on your doorstep

We started The Good Company People as a not-for-profit organisation in 2020 with the aim of helping over 65's enjoy more independent, fulfilling, lives for longer.


It all began with our Co-Founder, Lucy’s much-loved Mum Hazel, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Dementia at 69. Lucy’s goal was to help her mum to continue doing all the things she enjoyed before diagnosis like sewing, baking, and arts and crafts, and give her Dad a regular break from caring.


Seeing how much Hazel enjoyed spending time with like-minded individuals and continuing to do the things she loved, Lucy and her team could see how others could benefit. And thus, The Good Company People was born!

Our values

Respect and trust

We believe that trust and respect form the strongest foundations of all good relationships.


We harness the wisdom, experience and passion of individuals to co-create Good Company.

Always curious

We will never stop exploring and discovering new ways to experience Good Company.

Vector image representing curiosity
No one size fits all

We will always celebrate the uniqueness of long lived experiences and we never stereotype.

Everyone welcome

We provide services which embrace diversity and promote equality of opportunity.

Our approach

Meet our team

Image of CEO and Co-founder Lucy Buck
Lucy Buck

Co-Founder and CEO

Emma Collie profile picture.JPG
Emma Collie

Club Manager

Image of Co-founder Delia Pop
Delia Pop


Image of a TGCP Assessor, Louise Hawley
Louise Hawley

TGCP Assessor


Image of Project Manager, Wendy Burns
Wendy Burns


Sally headshot.jpg
Sally English

Dementia Specialist


Felicity Streatfeild

Co-Founder and Director of Services

Our directors

Image of Director and Co-founder, Anna Legros
Anna Legros

Co-Founder and Director

Sue Hinds profile .jpg
Sue Hinds


Image of Director, Duncan Green
Duncan Green


Image of Director, Heather Goodhew
Heather Goodhew


Image of Director, Sue Rooke
Sue Rooke


Our advisers

Image of Brand Advisor Deborah Green
Deborah Green

Brand Advisor

Liz Warner


Image of the UX/UI Designer for TGCP, Eden Allen
Eden Allen

UX/ UI Designer

Lord Kamlesh Patel


Kirsty Stephenson

Digital Strategist

Our funders

Our partners

Come and say hi!

We would love to chat and find out how we can help you.

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