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Our story

Our story began with our co-founder Lucy's mum, Hazel. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease Dementia at 69. Lucy wanted to help her mum keep enjoying her hobbies like sewing, baking, and crafting, while giving her dad a break from caregiving. That's why The Good Company People started!


Since then, we've become part of our local community, building relationships with over 170 health, social care, and volunteer services. This includes doctors, memory assessment teams, and nurses who help people with dementia. Our group is growing, with more members joining our Clubs and getting personalised support.


Our small team, along with volunteers and experts, work hard to make sure we can keep helping our community. We're grateful to everyone who supports us, whether through donations, fundraising, or partnerships. It's because of you that The Good Company People can keep growing and helping others.


Our approach

“In modern life we so often over complicate things but behind The Good Company People is a perfectly simple (and simply perfect) concept. That time spent with friendly people is good for us.

This is no wild claim; the scientific evidence fully supports it – chatting with friends, building strong supportive relationships, sharing interests and passions all deliver positive emotional, mental and physical health outcomes.”
Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford

-  Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford

Former Chair of Social Work England

Our values

We don't just talk about our values, we live them and breathe them.

Respect and trust

We believe that trust and respect are the cornerstones of all meaningful relationships.


We harness the wisdom, experience, and passion of individuals to co-create Good Company experiences.

Always curious

We will never stop exploring and discovering new ways to experience Good Company.

No one size fits all

We will always celebrate the uniqueness of long-lived experiences and we never stereotype.

Everyone welcome

We provide services which embrace diversity and promote equality of opportunity.

Our team

To deliver a highly personalised service to meet the individual needs of member we have a blended team comprising of Staff (S) and Volunteers (V)
Image of CEO and Co-founder Lucy Buck
Lucy Buck

Co-Founder and CEO (S)

Sue Stewart

Administrator (S)

Maggie Crompton

Lunch Club Host (V)

Kate Kilby

Book Keeper (S)

Becky Mitchener

Company Club Host (V)

Image of Co-founder Delia Pop
Delia Pop

Co-Founder (V)

Jane Stevens

Lunch Club Host (V)

Helena headshot.jpg
Helena Furness

Specialist Host (S)

Wendy Burns.JPG
Wendy Burns

Lunch Club Host (V)

Kate Barnes.jpg
Kate Barnes

Lunch Club Host (V)

Felicity Streatfeild

Co-Founder and Director of Services (S)

Paul Dixon

Lunch Club Host (V)

Nick Warran-Smith

Finance Advisor (V)

John Mycock.jpeg
John Mycock

Lunch Club Host (V)

Eden Allen

Website Designer (V)

Emma Collie

Lunch Club Manager (S)

Image of a TGCP Assessor, Louise Hawley
Louise Hawley

Quality Assurance Specialist (S)


Ward Sparrow

Lunch Club Host (V)

Alison Allcorn

Company Club Host (V)

Untitled design (1).png
Kirsty Stephenson

Director of Fundraising 

Our trustees

Image of Director and Co-founder, Anna Legros
Anna Legros


Sue Hinds profile .jpg
Sue Hinds


Image of Director, Duncan Green
Duncan Green


Image of Director, Heather Goodhew
Heather Goodhew


Image of Director, Sue Rooke
Sue Rooke


Our advisers

Image of Brand Advisor Deborah Green
Deborah Green

Brand Advisor

Lord Kamlesh Patel


Liz Warner


Our funders

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Our partners

Come and say hi!

We would love to chat and find out how we can help you.

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