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Good Company Concierge

Introducing the Good Company Concierge, a free personalised support service designed by carers of people with dementia which can help you through the highs and lows of your caring role.


Our aim is to help you both live more independent and fulfilling lives for longer.


Getting to know you

We start with a discovery session to get to know both you and the person you support. We're interested in learning about your life stories, hobbies, interests, needs, and wishes, as well as what brings you both happiness and what you'd like more or less of.


Based on this, we create a personalised support plan to help you and the person you care for access all available statutory and voluntary services, as well as other opportunities in your community. 


Our team is always ready to support you and the person you care for with regular check-ins over the phone or in-person visits, adapting to your changing needs and providing access to a dedicated helpline.


A Caring Community

We invite you to join our regular carer meet-ups, where you can confidentially share experiences and emotions with others in similar circumstances. These sessions are facilitated by The Good Company team and we invite expert speakers from health and social care to respond to your changing needs.


Good Company offers care for the person you support during these meet-ups.

Professional support

We know that every carer has very different experiences and needs. Dementia specialists attend Good Company Clubs to offer practical advice on the reality and challenges of being a carer. If required, Good Company can organise to visit you at your home.

Our partner, Dementia Carers Count provides opportunities for you to help your knowledge and confidence to navigate the highs and lows of caring for someone with dementia. Visit their website.

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