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The Wednesday Games Club

The Good Company People’s Clubs are based on hobbies and interests of members. In our last survey members wanted a Club where they could play games in a place that was familiar to men. We were very lucky to engage the Crowborough Rugby Club where many of our members have played over the years (and their photos adorn the walls) and coming back felt ‘normal’ 


Next step was figuring out what members wanted so we asked a small group to form a working party to brainstorm how Games Club should work. It was decided that they wanted indoor and outdoor games which were suitable for people experiencing cognitive changes or with limited mobility and a place to sit and play board and card games. It was unanimously decided that everyone wanted bacon sarnies - we suggested fruit or a smoothie but that was point blank rejected.


The Good Company People received a grant from Wealden District Council to make our Games Club a reality. With the funding we have purchased a boccia set, a Wii, kurling, petanque and a table tennis table plus train a team of 8 volunteers to host Games Club members so everyone is made to feel welcome. 


Here are some of the quotes from members. 


“My husband has Mild Alzheimer’s and he really comes alive when we go to The Wednesday Games Club and play table tennis. We were part of the group who came up with the format and suggested a table tennis table which has been a real hit. What makes the games morning so successful is that members, carers, volunteers and the team can mingle freely at the Rugby club and try lots of different games. My husband loves playing Petanque outside and Indoor kurling with a group of other men who all seem to be very competitive but enjoy themselves! Less mobile people are playing board games with the volunteers. This is a unique experience that works so well as while my husband is happily occupied I have time to have a coffee and chat with other wives in the same situation who have become friends. Games morning has made a huge difference to us as my husband has been able to teach others the board game Carrom giving him a sense of achievement and some self esteem, a precious gift when his memory is declining.”


“My husband and I have had real quality time at Games Club. He is now fairly advanced in his vascular dementia, and his memory and cognition are severely limited. This means of course that all of my energies every day are used in looking after him and finding meaningful activities to keep him stimulated. I was hopeful that coming to Games Club would be successful for him, and that it would provide a social release for me. I was so pleased to see that his old skills came back to him when he played pétanque and ping pong, and he even managed to adjust to the Wi-Fi version of ten pin bowling! He was active and happy, and it all felt “normal”….a rare and precious thing now for both of us. I was able to relax with other partners in similar situations, and playing games with my husband was a bit of a reset of our relationship.  We have recommended to other couples that they come to Games Club, as it is a gentle way of accepting the process of living with dementia.”


“I am a carer. My husband has Parkinson's Disease Dementia and he lives in a nursing home and he had not been outside for 9 month until he came to Games Club. It is a real tonic for him. He feels safe at the club and it allows him to have a change of environment and mix with other people who go out of their way to welcome him. It is set up in a way where everything feels `normal' ie, just people chatting, playing games and having a laugh. He also enjoys the bacon butty provided. Games Club is something to look forward to. I know my husband is having a good time which makes me happy. Coping with Parkinson’s Disease Dementia is extremely challenging and the light relief provided by games club is so welcome.”


“I am caring for my husband who has Parkinson's Disease Dementia. He has been a keen sportsman all his life playing for Crowborough Rugby Football club and captaining the third team for several years. He was an enthusiastic squash and racquet ball player at the club in Crowborough once he had to hang up his rugby boots. We were delighted when Lucy told us about Games Club especially as like many active men he doesn’t want to sit around chatting over coffee. It is a joy to see so many men playing or observing boules, quoits, or board games laughing and obviously having a great time. My husband looks forward to the games club especially as the venue holds many good memories for him and he is beginning to recognise friendly faces. I have been able to have a little respite too which I value hugely and we can chat about the activities later on at home.”


If you would like to join us on the 2nd Wednesday of the month call Lucy on 07775007736 or email


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