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How to get free respite with the Association of Carers

Updated: 6 days ago

We know that taking on a caring role is a marathon, not a sprint and respite is a hugely important for carers wellbeing. The Association of Carers offers free fortnightly respite giving carers the opportunity to have some time away from their caring role.

A few hours respite can be a huge benefit to both the carer and the person they care for, allowing time to socialise and stay connected, and giving the carer time out of what can be a challenging role.

If you are in a caring role, The Association of Carers offers three hours respite once a fortnight at a regular, set time, so that you can look forward to your break and plan what you want to do.

During this time the person who is being looked after can spend time with a vetted volunteer, allowing you to enjoy your own time while knowing the person you care for is in safe hands.

The Association of Carers can not offer personal care, for example, manual handling, giving medications or assisting with toileting. If the person you care for has a mental health challenges or severe mental illness, the Association of Carers ask that you call them first and have a chat with Louise to see if there's a suitable and available volunteer.

Call 01424 722309 for more information, or visit their website:

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