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Care Free - hotel breaks

Updated: Jul 4

Today I met with the team from Carefree and I must admit I had a huge charity crush.

Their vision is very aligned to The Good Company People - to help the 9 million unpaid carers (of which 2 million are full time) who are an integral, vital and irreplaceable part of our system to access breaks in beautiful hotels and country cottages across the UK.

Carefree tap into the 1 million unsold hotel rooms in the UK every week and the 5 month low season vacancies of holiday cottages to provide a lifeline break to carers.

"Carefree’s groundbreaking model enables accommodation providers to see surplus inventory not as a loss but as an opportunity, turning empty rooms into priceless short breaks for those in need of respite"

Good Company sessions provide weekly time off from caring and Carefree give carers a a luxury 2 night break once a year for a carer and a friend.

If you are over 18 and provide over 30 hours of care a week then sign up for a free break today

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