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Registering an Emergency Plan with CRESS

Updated: 6 days ago

As a carer, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be what would happen to the person you care for if you were suddenly unable to continue your caregiving duties due to an emergency. The Carer's Respite Emergency Support Scheme (CRESS) is designed to address this concern by ensuring that short-term support can be put in place 24/7. The plan includes contact details of up to three people who could support the person you care for in your absence. 

How to Set Up Your Emergency Plan

  • You can create your emergency plan with CRESS through East Sussex County Council online here. It will take up to 1 hour to complete the form. Ensure you have your email address, details of the person you care for (name, address, date of birth), and contact information for up to three emergency contacts.

  • If you need help to fill in the form in person you can do it as part of a Carers Assessment or Review or with your Dementia Support Worker.


How the Emergency Plan Works

  1. Details and Contacts

  • Your plan will list up to three people known to the person you care for. Your three people must be able to replace the care and support you provide for up to 48 hours or 72 hours at the weekend.  (don’t forget to tell your emergency contacts you have nominated them) who can step in to support the person you care for. 

  1. Carers Card

  • You’ll receive an East Sussex Carers Card to carry with you. In an emergency, anyone can call the number on the card which is available 24/7.

  • Adult Social Care will then contact the people in your plan to arrange support.

  1. Backup Support

  • If none of the people listed are available, Adult Social Care will step in to ensure the person you care for receives the necessary support. Any support arranged by Adult Social Care will be free for up to 48 hours (72 hours over the weekend). If the emergency is over the time then you will be expected for pay for the care or a financial needs assessment will be required to work out what you need to pay.

Completing the Form

Here is the information they will need to know:

  • Carers details

  • Contact details of 3 contacts and their relationship to the cared for person

  • Care agency details (if applicable)

  • Person you care for contact details, property details (house type, animals, spare key or key safe and code) GP’s details, medical details, medication, nursing support, communication needs, moving and handling assistance, mobility aids what care needs to they have. 

What actually constitutes an ‘emergency’

  • Unplanned hospital admission 

  • An injury or illness which renders you unable to carry out your caring duties

  • Family emergency 

  • Domestic emergency (fire or flooding)

  • Risk to your employment if you are unable to travel away

  • Breakdown in care arrangements

What does not constitute an ‘emergency’ 

  • A planned funeral 

  • A planned hospital admission 

By registering an emergency plan with CRESS, you ensure that there’s always a safety net for the person you care for, giving you peace of mind.

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