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Meet the Volunteer - Sally Bullough

At The Good Company People, our incredible volunteers are the most important part of our team. They are good company for our members and without them it would not be possible to run our activities and support so many people living with dementia and their carers.

"I live in Rotherfield with my husband,Danny, two daughters in their twenties and our miniature schnauzer, Doug. We have quite a busy household, but when I gave up my small gardening business, I was able to give some of my time to The Good Company People. I found Lucy’s vision and enthusiasm infectious and wanted to help in some way."

"I don’t have a family member affected by Dementia (yet….), so was quite worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, and heaven forbid, upsetting someone. However, I have had loads of training from TGCP which has helped enormously. We also have monthly Learning Calls, as every week a new situation arises; nothing’s ever predictable!"

"I volunteer at the Tuesday Lunch Club, which is four hours, every other week and I really enjoy meeting up with clients, their carers and other members of the team. Meeting at the Blue Anchor Pub is a great relaxed setting, and feels like we’re meeting up with friends for us all. It is a joy to see peoples’ confidence grow and watch them take part in activities and games. One week, we played a game of ‘Guess Who’, where Lunch club members all wrote (or had written for them), a fact about their lives. Everyone had something interesting to offer and it felt like we were celebrating every individual and their wonderful and unique lives."

"When not volunteering, I like to walk daily and try tame my garden. I also practice yoga and do Zumba, badly, twice a week. I am currently glued to Wimbledon coverage, which my family would complain, is a bit of an obsession!"

If you would like to volunteer and support your local community get in touch with the team by emailing

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