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Finding the right Good Company Hosts

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

We start 2022 with 4 Hosts offering Good Company sessions and anticipate having a further 6 Hosts registered by spring covering Crowborough, Mayfield, Hartfield, Heathfield, Wadhurst, Rotherfield and Forest Row. By the end of the coming year, we aim to have a total of 18 Hosts providing specialised, person-centred day services across the villages and towns in Wealden.

Finding the right Hosts is key, so we ask trusted members of the community to recommend candidates who have experience in caring for older people, as well as the time and motivation to make a difference in people’s lives. Many have first-hand experience of supporting relatives living with dementia and would’ve loved a service like Good Company for the person they supported or cared for.

Potential Hosts are assessed by the TGCP team of social work professionals. They are put through a rigorous assessment and background checks to establish if they have the skills, behaviours, and capabilities to provide safe and stimulating Good Company sessions. All potential Hosts are invited along to a 2-day assessment weekend to evaluate their values and competencies.

A Host is only accepted to operate with TGCP after completing a registration visit by The Good Company People team to verify training with East Sussex County Council, insurances, policies and risk assessments.

All Hosts receive ongoing peer support, business support, mentoring, dementia training and annual assessments.

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