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Lucy Buck

I set up The Good Company People after my mum, Hazel was diagnosed with dementia and discovered how little there was out there.

In my 20's I worked in TV and produced reality shows including Big Brother, Hells Kitchen and Love Island. In my 30's I set up Child's i Foundation - a children's charity in Uganda to support children in families, not orphanages and in my 40's it's co-founding The Good Company People.

I love spending time with my family and friends and singing badly.

My friends would describe me as loyal, kind and slightly mad.

Something you may not know about me is that despite being a terrible singer, I appeared on Songs of Praise when I was a child.

My favourite cake is carrot cake.

Delia Pop


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What people are saying about us

Liz Warner, Creative entrepreneur, CEO and founder

Liz Warner, Creative entrepreneur, CEO and Different Kind founder

"Lucy and her team at The Good Company People are designing and delivering a service we would all wish for those we love living with dementia."

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