We go way beyond providing care

How about giving you more than just a few spare moments to tick off your to-do list, before you have to rush back to relieve the carer?


Imagine a 5-hour Good Company session for your friend or family member who is experiencing social isolation or living with mild cognitive impairment or dementia. That's almost an entire working day spent with an experienced, trained, and reliable Host. You'll know that they'll enjoy great food, good conversation, and continue to do the interests and hobbies they cherish in Good Company.

A way to continue living life well.

Personalised and stimulating experiences

Good Company sessions run from 9:30am - 2:30pm on weekdays in Hosts' own homes in Hartfield, Rotherfield, Heathfield, Forest Row, Mayfield, Groombridge, Wadhurst, and Crowborough.

We know that asking for help isn't easy, and finding the right kind of care can be challenging. So, here's what to expect from a Good Company session:​​​

What's included

  • Everyone will share a meal together, prepared by the Host as well as refreshments

  • The host will pick up and drop off Guests.

  • A morning activity exploring the great outdoors and an afternoon session doing baking, arts and crafts, games and DIY - whatever the guests enjoy.

  • Session journaling, so Guests can look back at what they've done and share it with their friends and family.

How we care

  • Unlike visiting care, we focus on the social aspects and provide stimulating activities focused purely on guests' own interests.

  • We have assessed all our Hosts and we ensure they are fully trained, insured and DBS checked.

Who Good Company is for

  • Anyone experiencing social isolation, mild cognitive impairment or dementia and who are wishing to continue with the things they love, in Good Company.

  • We're operating in Wealden, East Sussex (with plans to expand further!), so if you're living in the area we are right on your doorstep.


A 5-hour weekly session including transport, a nutritious meal and refreshments costs £55. In comparison to other care options, Good Company delivers greater benefits for a more affordable price.


Each session is centred on hobbies and activities that guests enjoy. From gardening to painting, baking to exploring the great outdoors, there’s something for everyone to live well with dementia for longer.


Outside of Good Company sessions, our team will support you and your relatives to access the services and advice you need.  We can also recommend tired and tested  local activities.


All Good Company Hosts have comprehensive training from East Sussex County Council, enhanced DBS checks, and insurance.  They are assessed by an independent social work team and receive ongoing professional support.

“In modern life we so often over complicate things but behind The Good Company People is a perfectly simple (and simply perfect) concept. That time spent with friendly people is good for us.

This is no wild claim; the scientific evidence fully supports it – chatting with friends, building strong supportive relationships, sharing interests and passions all deliver positive emotional, mental and physical health outcomes.”
Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford

-  Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford

Chair of Social Work England

How does finding Good Company work?

We will be in touch within 24 hours  

to explore whether Good Company is right for the person you care for.


Fill out a simple
referral form

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Have a cup of tea with the Good Company team


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Our team will come and meet you for a discovery session to find out more about the person you care for.

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Enjoy regular, Good Company!


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If the chemistry session goes well, your relative will be invited along to a Good Company taster session with the Host, if this is not to their liking we will give a full refund.

Taster session


Once Good Company has matched you with a suitable host, the host will come and visit for a chemistry session.

Meet your host in your own home

Come say hi!

We love chatting so please give us a call to explore how we can help you.
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