How can Good Company help?

The Good Company People have identified hosts across Mayfield, Crowborough, Hartfield, Wadhurst, Groombridge and Forest Row to provide good company in their own homes.


Every host has a variety of hobbies, likes and interests they want to share with you. From DIY, creative arts, singing, outdoor adventures to putting your feet up and doing a crossword together.


The Good Company People team will discover how you love to spend your time and match you with like-minded peers so Good Company is enjoyed all round.

What is
Good Company?

Depending whether you are an early riser or like a sleep in, guests will be picked up at 9.30am or 12 noon from their homes (if transport is required) and dropped back home by 2.30pm or 5pm. 


Each host will provide good company to up to 3 people over 60's who share similar hobbies, likes and interests.  


The content of the day will be wholly based on what you want to do together. Whether you stay at the host's home and garden or explore nearby places. 


There will always be a delicious meal and refreshments.

Benefits of Good Company

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You can book a minimum of one session a week with a host.

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Shared interests

We will help you find a host that shares similar hobbies and interests.

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All our hosts have been assessed and trained by East Sussex County Council, undergone criminal background checks and references.

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Close by

We will endeavour to match you with a host on your doorstep.

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The cost of a session is £55 which includes transport, a nutritious lunch and refreshments.

How we make Good Company


Fill out a referral form

As soon as we receive your message we’ll be in touch to arrange a home visit.

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5 minutes


Meet your host in your own home

Once Good Company has matched you with a suitable host, the host will come and visit you in your home for a chemistry session.

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1 hour


Enjoy regular, Good Company on your doorstep!

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Have a cup of tea with the Good Company team

Our team will come and meet you for a discovery session in your own home to find out more about you.

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1 hour


Good Company taster session

If the chemistry session goes well, you will be invited along to a Good Company taster session with the Host, if this is not to your liking we will give you a full refund.

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5 hours
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